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Black Crows Ferox Freebird AT Setup Skis Now On Sale

2020 Black Crows Ferox Freebird AT Setup Description:

Part of why Black Crows has exploded in popularity over the last few years is that they make backcountry-oriented versions of many of their skis. Absent from the Freebird mix, though? A touring version of the best-selling Atris. It is one of our favorite skis here at Powder7, so we have been among the many skiers clamoring for an Atris Freebird. While Black Crows ski designer Julien Regnier wants to keep the Atris name in the alpine skiing scene, he has indeed been listening. So, for 2020, Black Crows introduces the Ferox Freebird, a freeride touring ski with a 110mm waist, deep rocker lines, and an insanely fun and versatile feel on snow. The Ferox Freebird features new H-shaped carbon, which gives the skis power and dampness where you need it, plus twin tips for all your slashing and buttering needs. The Freebirds have consistently ranked among the best touring skis in the industry for, well, skiing. The Ferox Freebird keeps that street cred alive and well. They are not the lightest touring skis in the world, but that is not what you are looking, now, is it? You want a ski that sheds enough weight to be reasonable on the climb without sacrificing the whole reason you climb uphill in the first place: to fly like a (Free)bird on the way down. Similar skis: Moment Wildcat Tour 108, DPS Wailer A112 Alchemist, Blizzard Zero G 105.

2020 Black Crows Ferox Freebird AT Setup Specs:

Radius:2[email protected]
Rocker:Freeride Rocker
Ability Level:Ability Level 8
Construction:Partial Sidewall