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Atomic Redster S9 Skis Now On Sale

Our Take On The 2021 Atomic Redster S9:

The new Atomic Redster S9 is a quick-turning, slalom slashing machine dripping with World Cup approved race tech. The big news is Atomic has dialed up the agility and stability to the max. The secret ingredient is the new pre-stressed Servotec rod along the top of the ski. The name comes from 'Servolenkung' because that's essentially what it is - power steering! It makes steering more agile in turns then more stable on straights. New innovation for a new generation of Redster race and performance piste ski.

2021 Atomic Redster S9 Specs:

Radius:[email protected]
Rocker:Traditional Camber
Ability Level:Ability Level 9
Construction:Full Sidewall

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