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2005 Atomic Metron EX Description:

We're no good at reading tea leaves, but the test scores sometimes tell it all quite plainly. In other words, any ski that finishes near the top in both Stability at Speed and Crud Performance is going to be a gas in, say, the Sierra Nevada. "Full-bodied and powerful," says Richardson of the M:ex, a heavy-duty, spring-loaded steamroller of a ski. "It's great for the speed-loving big-mountain skier who looks for the crud but occasionally likes to lay it out on the groomed." Four titanium "pulser" arms, which emanate from under the lifter, serve to push the tip and tail down to the snow. Accordingly, the M:ex is "glued to the snow," says Pelletier. "But eat your Wheaties," she adds: It's a lot of ski.

2005 Atomic Metron EX Specs:

Radius:20m [email protected]