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The K2 MissDemeanor has been one of the go-to women’s park skis for the past couple of years. A twin tip with rocker in the nose and tail. It is stable at high speeds and when making big landings. The dampening properties of the ABSorb Sidewalls are great. The sidewalls are rubbery yet slide through the snow like a speedboat through water. The tips of the skis may look like they’re chattering but you can’t feel it. The sidewalls can also take more damage from putting skis together and hitting rails than typical sidewalls.

Another key aspect to this ski is the Bi-Directional Sidecut. This means that even though it is not a true twin (center mounted, with the same dimensions in the tip and the tail), it skis well backwards. Some all mountain twin tips do not ski well backwards. With the Bi-Directional Sidecut, you can comfortably take off and land switch off of the park features.

Besides the physical components of the skis, the graphics are insane this year. There’s a space theme with giant planets and beams of light. There’s also an element of whimsy with the psychedelic cat. And for good measure, there’s zebra print on the tail of one of the skis. Rocking these skis means one thing- you’re radical.

2013 K2 MissDemeanor Skis on Sale Now


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  1. We’re still around! Also, this ski is still in production in 2016. What’s your question?

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