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K2 Skis SIA 2015 AMP All Mountain Resort series: AMP 72, AMP 76, AMP 76Ti, AMP 80X, AMP 80XTi, AMP Rictor 82XTi

K2 continues to be one of the largest ski manufacturers out there. They make a ski for everyone to do everything. Take a look at the 2014-15 offerings. The All Mountain Resort skis are separate from the Precision Piste skis for the men and women (AMP and Potion Series). The Shreditors come in many more widths as do the Annex and women’s Remedy skis. The SuperModel series is now the Potion series but don’t worry, they are very similar- they now have ROX technology.

Precision Piste Series: AMP Velocity, AMP Charger, AMP Bolt
K2 Shreditor 92, 102, 112, 120
AMP Rictor 90XTi, Annext 98, Annex 108, Annex 118
Wayback 88, Wayback 96, Coombck 104, Coomback 114
Potion 84XTi, Potion 74XTi, Potion 90XTi, Potion 98XTi
Potion 72, Potion 76, Potion 76Ti, Potion 80X, Potion 80XTi
Remedy 92, Remedy 102, Remedy 112


Shreditor 136 aka Powabunga