2014 Nordica Skis Sneak Peak

By | 02/01/2013

The graphics have toned down a little bit but we still have the awesome shapes and rockers that skiers have grown to love.

Here we have Nordica’s best selling frontside carving machines.

Here we have the men’s and women’s sidecountry line. New we have the men’s Vagabond and the women’s Wild Fire. Two huge skis for touring and powder days.

Update (9/27): Check out the 2014 Nordica Skis on sale now! Click this link

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Katie grew up skiing in Michigan. Ever since the beginning, she's liked to straightline it. Even after a couple years of ski school during vacation, she still refused to turn, much to her mother's chagrin. Katie has since learned how to control her skiing and can make turns. Along with skiing, Katie is the lone snowboarder at Powder7. She's a super fast, technically skilled, rider. She likes to do mad pow slashers and steep tree runs but also appreciates perfect groomers. She's ridden on slopes from Vermont to Michigan to Utah but spends most of her time riding Colorado. With her East Coast experience, she knows what ice is and believes she has never seen it in Colorado.

2 thoughts on “2014 Nordica Skis Sneak Peak

  1. Nathan Kats

    Hi there,
    Just wondering what the estimated release dates are for the 2014 Nordica line. I live in Australia and in the last few years I’ve noticed a lot of companies releasing their gear prior to our season before the northern hemisphere season. Line and a few other brands already have their 2014 gear out and I’m hanging to get a new set of Patron’s with the new graphics, but can’t fine a release date anywhere!!

  2. KatieKatie Post author

    Hey Nathan, there isn’t really a “release date” per say. The “new” Nordicas will become available for purchase at the end of 2013. Technically the skis are 2013-2014 skis. We will get ours in around August or September. It depends on when the boxes ship out. Keep following us and we’ll let you know when the newest Nordica skis come in!

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