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Max DinWhat's this?

Recommended max binding DIN. This is the max din range on the bindings, not what the skier will likely have the DIN set to. For instance, a 165lb skier often gets a binding with a DIN range up to 12 and has the DIN set to 8.

Skier Weight In Pounds/Kilograms Maximum DIN range of recommended bindings
75lbs/34kgs 6-9
100lbs/45kgs 8-10
125lbs/57kgs 9-11
150lbs/68kgs 10-13
175lbs/79kgs 11-13
200lbs/91kgs 12-14
225lbs+/102kgs+ 13-16

Brake WidthWhat's this?

The waist of the ski binding brake coincides with the waist (narrowest width) of the skis. At minimum, brakes are made to be bent out and can be up to 8mm narrower than the skis. At maximum, brakes can be 12mm wider than the skis. For instance, skis that have a 100mm waist need a 92-112mm brake.


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