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The Short Of It

Powder7 was founded, and is still fully owned, by Jordan Jones and Amy Dannwolf, a husband-wife team. We're located on the edge of the Rocky Mountains in historic Golden, Colorado, Powder7.com is North America's premier family-owned online ski shop. All the gear you see on our website is in-stock at our Golden shop and is ready to ship, allowing our team to get your order on its way to you with lightning speed. You can also visit us and shop our full selection of inventory in person! We value: making customers happy, having a motivated and highly valued staff, respecting our environment, and growing organically.

The Long Of It

Jordan and Amy met at Boston University, where they both competed on the track team. Jordan, a senior who had earned spending money throughout college selling gear on eBay. Amy, a freshman who built Geocities websites in her spare time. Despite Jordan attempting to charge Amy $5 admission to a party, sparks flew, emotions ran high, and they have been inseparable ever since.

Jordan moved to Colorado after graduating and balanced life as a Denver Police Officer and professional triathlete. A dedicated skier as well, he saw the opportunity for a web focused Colorado ski shop that could serve local skiers while shipping every business day to serve skiers nationally. It was a tough decision, but Jordan left a career with the police behind to pursue his entrepreneurial dreams. The same week that Jordan left the police, Amy graduated from BU and headed west to Colorado, joining Jordan.

By October of 2007, they moved from their garage into a proper, albeit a bit rough-around-the-edges, warehouse. Jordan and Amy taught themselves the basics of writing computer code to drive the ecommerce capabilities of the new site so they could wean their business off of eBay. Joining Jordan and Amy was their friend, Ofer, and a newly adopted terrier, Gulliver. For the first several months, they would load the boxed orders into their station wagon each afternoon, racing to the post office before closing time. As months went by, shipping, among many other aspects of the business, went from how-do-we-do-this controlled chaos to a streamlined and efficient system. Amy and Jordan steadily put their college microeconomics classes to use in figuring out how to build a business. More importantly, they applied their life values to building a business that makes customers happy, has a motivated and highly valued staff, respects our environment, and grows organically.

In 2009 they moved Powder7 a few miles down the road to Golden, a mile from their home, where they've been ever since, expanding into adjoining spaces in 2011 and 2015, doubling their space each time. Long ago Powder7 grew too big for a team of two and is proud to employ some of the best and brightest staff in the ski industry. Some of our staff have been with us for more than 5 years (which earns them a one month paid sabbatical to use as they wish, possibly for a dream ski vacation).

Today, we believe that we have the best ski shop in the Denver area as well as the best ecommerce ski shop in North America. We are open year round and continue to dedicate ourselves to skiing. We love biking, running, and everything else you can do on mountains but we like to try to be the best at something and that thing is helping skiers get the gear they need. We have a team of about 20 at the peak of the winter and employ most of our staff year round.

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