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SizeWhat's this?

Ski length is determined by several factors, including height, weight, ability level, and snow conditions. Below are basic guidelines for selecting ski length based on the height of the skier.

Skier Height in Feet and Inches Recommended Length in cm (Beginner to Intermediate) Recommended Length in cm (Advanced to Expert)
4'4" 115-125 125-133
4'6" 125-132 132-137
4'8" 130-139 137-143
4'10" 137-142 142-148
5'0" 139-145 145-153
5'2" 145-152 152-157
5'4" 147-153 153-162
5'6" 153-160 160-167
5'8" 157-164 164-173
5'10" 163-173 170-178
6'0" 165-175 175-183
6'2" 170-179 179-188
6'4" 177-185 185-193

Waist WidthWhat's this?

Waist width is how wide skis are underfoot - directly under the binding at their narrowest point.

Snow Conditions Waist Width Skier Type
Hard Snow 84mm and Narrower For skiers who primarily ski groomed trails and rarely ski ungroomed trails.
Mixed Snow East 80-94mm For skiers who ski a mix of groomed/ungroomed trails in moderate snowfall regions. Often for East Coast skiers.
Mixed Snow West 88-102mm For skiers who ski a mix of groomed/ungroomed trails in high snowfall regions. Often for Western skiers.
Soft Snow 100-112mm For skiers who primarily ski ungroomed trails in high snowfall regions.
Powder 112mm and Wider For skiers who want a dedicated ski for soft snow and powder days.


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About Rossignol Skis:

Rossignol has been a major player in the ski world for over 100 years. Their newer skis have made a huge impact on the snowsports industry in the past few seasons. The incredibly popular and well-received freeride skis in the 7 series (Soul 7, Sin 7, Super 7, Squad 7, Star 7, Savory 7, Saffron 7, Sassy 7) are seen worldwide, as are their all-mountain rippers in the Experience and Temptation series. Rossignol has their game dialed in, and they make a ski that is perfect for any occasion. Fun facts: Rossignol means Nightingale in French, and Rossignol was founded in 1907 by Abel Rossignol, who carved his first pair of skis from a solid block of wood.

Rossignol Ski History:

Experience 88 Model Lineage:

Sin 7 Model Lineage:

Soul 7 HD Model Lineage:

Temptation 84 Model Lineage:

Rossignol Staff Reviews:

Are You Experienced? 2015 Rossignol Experience 88 Review
By: Steve

“Experience is the teacher of all things.” Julius Cesar In 2007, Rossignol, the Pure Mountain Company turned 100 years old. That’s bunch of ski know-how and I’m guessing they used all of their century plus years of knowledge, just as Julius suggested, when they designed and introduced the world to their all mountain Experience ski
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Fast Forward: 2016 Rossignol Skis
By: Katie

        New 2016 Rossignol Skis on sale now! Ready to ship! The 2015-2016 line up Rossignol Skis is looking sharp. There aren’t that many new changes so we’ll let the pictures do the talking. The women’s Temptation skis have a new candy-colored update and even the men’s Experience skis are getting brighter.
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6 Men’s Demo Skis Under $300
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We here at Powder 7 are working tirelessly this summer to get ready for a stellar 2014 Winter.  Part of what this entails is creating room in our warehouse for new incoming products, and that means we are able offer incredibly low pricing on past year models, both new and used.  In this post we
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Have  a skier on your list who you want to get something for but maybe don’t want to spend a lot of money on? Never fear, Powder7 Gift Guides are here! Below are some of the best inexpensive items we sell that any skier would love. 1. Hestra Glove Balm. It’s important to care for
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