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About Line:

Line Skis has been making skiing "more funner" since 1995. Their Sick Day series of skis has won multiple awards and raised brand awareness for the company, which began as a school project in Buffalo, NY. By using the best aspects of snowboards, founder Jason Levinthal created a symetrical, twintip ski board. The company quickly grew and evolved into making full length twintip skis. The Line story is less about a business and more about a passion for doing what you love. Take a Sick Day, and remember, "You never saw me."

Line Ski History:

Supernatural 100 Model Lineage:

Supernatural 100 (2015 - 2018) In Stock

Prophet 98 (2012 - 2014) In Stock

Prophet 100 (2009 - 2011) Sold Out

Supernatural 92 Model Lineage:

Supernatural 92 (2015 - 2018) In Stock

Prophet 90 (2009 - 2014) Sold Out

Line Staff Reviews:

Best All Mountain Freeride Skis for Women
By: Jamie

  We were talking in the shop today and it came up that we have some great women’s skis aimed at the All Mountain Freeride crew. The point of the conversation was that there a lot of really great women skiers out there who tend to steer away from high level skis due to a ... Continue Reading

Best Front Side Performing Big Mountain Freeride Skis
By: Cian

With freeride skiing becoming ever so popular in the Resort Sidecountry, I found it necessary to compile a list of  freeride skis that can actually perform on the frontside of the mountain. Let’s face it you have to get to your favorite powder stashes somehow. Those groomers look less than appealing for you big mountain ... Continue Reading