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2008 Review: "K2 widens the Apache line to include the recreational all mountain Sabre ski. A comfortable, 72mm all mountain waist width combined with an agile sidecut gives the K2 Apache Sabre unmatched ease and forgiveness for the progressing skier. Designed primarily for groomers, the Sabre comes equipped with MOD dampening Technology and Torsion Box construction for the ultimate in responsive riding. Soft flexing easy turning will instill confidence in any recreational rider, the Apache Sabre Is the epitome of an easy to ride ski at a great price. "


Model Year:2008


K2 Size Chart:

K2 Size Chart

K2 Brand History and Characteristics

K2 was established on Vashon Island, Washington in 1961 by the Kirschner brothers. It should come as no surprise that the company hails from Vashon Island, an outpost of free thinking and new ideas in Puget Sound. The company gained prominence when American ski racers Phil and Steve Mahre won World Cups, World Championships, and Olympic medals on the skis.
K2 is now based in Seattle, Washington and produces some of the most popular skis in the world. The men's Apache series and corresponding women's Luv series are the brand's expert level skis and are known for performing well under a variety of conditions with a lively yet predictable feel.
A note that will help many: In the past few years K2 skis have run long compared to other brands. In 2009 K2 fixed this be adding 3cm to the stated length of most of their skis while keeping the actual length the same. So a 2008 Recon in 167cm is the same length as a 2009 Recon in 170cm.

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