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Cyber Monday Deals – Great Gear for Everyone on Your List

By: Dan


Here’s the lowdown on some of the great Cyber Monday deals we’ve put together.  This list isn’t complete, so be sure to check the site for more great gear at great prices! For the ladies: Head Big Joy Skis – From $349 – Featuring the Nobel Prize winning material Graphene, these skis are lightweight, yet… Read More »

The 2015 Powder7 Gift Guide – Women’s Edition

By: Amy


(1.) Mammut Runje Tour ML Jacket – there are 2 things on this list that I don’t actually own, and this is one of them. And my birthday is just around the corner, so there’s a decent chance that, pending Jordan reading this like the wise old husband he is, in 14 short days I’ll… Read More »

The 2015 Powder7 Gift Guide – Men’s Edition

By: Justin


It’s my favorite time of year, once again, Powder7 friends: the time of year when other people are obligated to buy me stuff. It’s a beautiful tradition, like Thanksgiving turkey, ski ballet, and horse taunting.* I had an unconventional childhood. If the onrushing holidays have caught you a bit unprepared, I’ve assembled some gift ideas… Read More »

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