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Backcountry Trip Report: Janet’s Cabin

By: Sarah


In mid-April I had the good fortune of receiving a last-minute invitation to a backcountry ski trip to Janet’s Cabin in Colorado’s Summit County. The sun was shining and spirits were high as my group of 20 convened in the parking lot at Copper Mountain on Friday morning. After we stuffed our packs with beer and Continue reading…

Smith Vantage Helmet Review

By: Dan


Growing up, I didn’t ski with a helmet. For a few seasons, I didn’t even wear a hat. Those were the days – the days when I froze my ears and ran the risk of serious head injury. Not very bright on my part, but, as they say, live and learn. Luckily, I lived long enough Continue reading…

Earth Day Reflections

By: Amy


In an industry dependent on the well-being of Mother Earth, every day should be treated as Earth Day – taking care of and showing respect and appreciation for our little blue ball afloat in an infinite sea of ether. Jordan and I sat down in early January and carved out goals for 2016, for ourselves and Continue reading…

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